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Weekly News 5/24/2018

THE UNOFFICIAL BEGINNING OF SUMMER is finally upon us! After a long winter who isn't ready to kick off the summer season? The Island is ready for an influx of visitors: shops and restaurants are open, the beaches are open, and a weekend of fun awaits! On Monday, May 28th both Avalon and Stone Harbor will hold parades and Memorial Day observances. Whether you're walking the beach or barbequing with friends, take a moment to remember the veterans that have made it all possible.
MARKET STATS: Sales ticked up in the month of April, although they're down from a year ago, due to a shrinking inventory of listings. The number of active listings is down 17% from a year ago. For a detailed update on the market see the latest Long & Foster Market Minute (PDF).

The Long & Foster Market Minute
Click above for the latest Long & Foster Market Minute!
ABOUT 30,000 CUBIC YARDS of sand will have been placed on Avalon's north-end beaches by the time a sand backpassing project concludes this week. Sand from a sandbar just south of 32nd Street will be transported to north-end beaches to replenish them after erosion occurred during late winter nor'easters. (No dry beach sand had to be used for this project.) This is the Borough's sixth sand backpassing project, which have proven to be an effective way to rebuild beaches in between more expensive hydraulic dredging projects.
THEY'RE FIFTY POUNDS LIGHTER! Stone Harbor Beach Patrol is trying out a new aluminum version of its traditional lifeguard stands. The lighter weight will make it easier on lifeguards, who adjust the position of their stands several times on a typical shift due to tide changes. In addition to the weight savings, the new stands are believed to be more durable than wooden versions.
IN CASE YOU MISSED IT, check out Avalon's expanded bike path. Newly striped lanes on borough streets mark the path--check it out when you're in town, or have a look at this map:
Avalon's Expanded Bicycle Path - AvalonBoro.net
FLOUNDER SEASON also kicks off this Friday, May 25th. For bait, tackle, and fishing advice visit Smuggler's Cove in Stone Harbor, or check with Avalon Hodge Podge or Moran's Dockside in Avalon. If you'd like to rent your own boat and take the kids fishing, Smuggler's Cove has boats available for daily rental.


Upcoming Events:


Featured Property:

Centrally located near the center of Stone Harbor, this 2 bedroom condo is close to it all!

235 99th Street, Stone Harbor, $474,900, ACTIVE MLS#: 180163


New Listings:

7888 Dune Drive, Avalon, $199,000, ACTIVE MLS#: 182072

7888 Dune Drive, Avalon, $359,000, ACTIVE MLS#: 182073

8201 Third Ave., Stone Harbor, $650,000, ACTIVE MLS#: 182041

259 20th Street, Avalon, $747,000, ACTIVE MLS#: 181982

279 27th Street, Avalon, $869,900, ACTIVE MLS#: 181992

247 87th Street, Stone Harbor, $895,000, ACTIVE MLS#: 182071

249 29th Street, Avalon, $1,049,000, ACTIVE MLS#: 182039

6337 Heron Cove, Avalon, $1,595,000, ACTIVE MLS#: 182055

10307 Second Avenue, Stone Harbor, $2,299,000, ACTIVE MLS#: 182038

348 86th Street, Stone Harbor, $2,650,000, ACTIVE MLS#: 182016

349 89th Street, Stone Harbor, $2,750,000, ACTIVE MLS#: 182002

235 122nd Street, Stone Harbor, $2,995,000, ACTIVE MLS#: 182049


Properties Under Contract:

30 Meadowview Lane, Avalon Manor, $370,000, UNDER CONTRACT MLS#: 171271

700 First Avenue, #418, Avalon, $599,000, UNDER CONTRACT MLS#: 179416

221 110th Street, Stone Harbor, $899,000, UNDER CONTRACT MLS#: 179983

2601 Ocean Drive, Avalon, $929,000, UNDER CONTRACT MLS#: 181141

144 15th Street, Avalon, $949,000, UNDER CONTRACT MLS#: 179800

261 44th Street, Avalon, $1,150,000, UNDER CONTRACT MLS#: 181945

4101 Ocean Drive, Avalon, $1,875,000, UNDER CONTRACT MLS#: 181136

69 Pelican Drive, Avalon, $2,799,000, UNDER CONTRACT MLS#: 181320

92 E. 12th Street, Avalon, $3,950,000, UNDER CONTRACT MLS#: 182001


Properties Sold:

418 Old Avalon Boulevard, Avalon Manor, $220,000, SOLD MLS#: 173236

3319 Ocean Drive, Avalon, $346,000, SOLD MLS#: 179694

151 95th St., Unit 5, Stone Harbor, $437,500, SOLD MLS#: 180212

1114 Stone Harbor Blvd., Stone Harbor Manor, $450,000, SOLD MLS#: 171783

8001 Second Avenue, Stone Harbor, $480,000, SOLD MLS#: 180923

2778 Dune Drive, Avalon, $600,000, SOLD MLS#: 179918

1116 Stone Harbor Blvd., #303, Stone Harbor Manor, $795,000, SOLD MLS#: 179707

2019 Dune Drive, Avalon, $821,500, SOLD MLS#: 180255

181 90th Street, Stone Harbor, $995,000, SOLD MLS#: 179889

158 30th Street, Avalon, $2,000,000, SOLD MLS#: 178558

4868 Ocean Drive, Avalon, $2,250,000, SOLD MLS#: 182060

9 98th Street, Stone Harbor, $2,400,000, SOLD MLS#: 177558

222 70th Street, Avalon, $2,837,500, SOLD MLS#: 178267